‘The idea that the pandemic has accelerated pre-existing trends is talked about so much that it’s become a cliché. But it’s become a cliché because it’s true and for retailers with physical stores, that has meaningful implications.’ BARE shares an article by Richard Kestenbaum for Forbes with new changes for retail in 2021. Read more

‘You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. Covid-19 revealed the everyday activities many people take for granted until they’re no longer for an option—like eating out in a restaurant.’ BARE shares an article by Blake Morgan for Forbes with main changes for restaurants during Covid-19.  Read more

‘Retailing has always been called a combination of art and science but for much of its existence there’s usually been too much of the former and not enough of the latter.’ BARE shares an article by Warren Shoulberg for Forbes with customer experience analytics in retail. Read more

What makes customers’ experiences worthy of being shared with others? BARE shares an article by Chip Bell for Forbes on storytelling with customer experience. Read more

‘It took a pandemic to drag the car-buying process into the 21st century — and consumers are never going back.’ BARE shares an article by Joann Muller for Axios on the online shift with car purchases. Read more

‘After years of fighting for the “luxury” beauty experience, it appears beauty companies are giving in to the masstige retail reckoning.’ BARE shares an article by Priya Rao for Glossy with luxury beauty retail.

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‘As consumers, we want to be recognized and catered to, and we can always use more convenience and positive experiences – especially during a time when there’s more uncertainty than usual.’ BARE shares an article by David Fletcher for Business.com with customer experience and marketing promises. Read more

‘Grocery stores have long been a staple of the global economy. But it wasn’t until the Covid-19 pandemic that most people realized just how vital they are.’ BARE shares an article by Blake Morgan for Forbes with changes to grocery shopping experiences. Read more

‘Every business has reviews. It’s more obvious in the retail and B2C world, but even B2B companies are reviewed by their customers.’ BARE shares an article by Shep Hyken for Forbes with the importance of customer reviews. Read more

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