BARE Singapore Celebrates a “Huat Ah” Chinese New Year

You can call it the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival – Chinese New Year is celebrated by more than 20% of the world ’s population!

Some believe it begun back in the Shang Dynasty (1766 – 1122 BC), where Chinese villagers successfully chased away a monster called Nian, by painting themselves red and lighting up bamboo sticks. Others believe that it is to celebrate the end of cold days in China, welcoming new harvest and planting. New beginnings and a fresh start!

Everything should be new and red is an auspicious colour during this festive season as it represents health, wealth and happiness.

This year, BARE Singapore welcomes the Chinese New Year with a glorious spread of Dim Sum dishes! Crystal Shrimp Dumpling, Molten Salted Egg Custard Bun, Crispy Rice in Superior Soup, Crispy Chicken in Coffee and – not forgetting – Yu Sheng!

Yu Sheng – also known as Lo Hei – means Prosperity Toss . As the name suggests, Yu Sheng is a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor. The higher the prosperity toss, the higher the chance of good fortune to come your way!

“Chinese New Year is the perfect time to get to enjoy both the sweet and savoury dishes, together with our beloved family & friends,” that was Zheng Hao’s answer – one of our Key Account Executives here at BARE Singapore – when asked how he celebrates this joyous season.

BARE Singapore would love to take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous, affluent & harmonious Chinese New Year! HUAT AH!

Khairyani Kamal

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